Are You Employing Cyber Security Experts?

Is anti-virus software and firewall adequate to defend against hacking attacks? Probably not. Discover why business needs to employ Cyber Security Experts

In this day and age, we can hardly trust that the anti-virus and firewall on our computer will be adequate to defend against hacking attacks. What may appear as a costly solution to online security could end up saving you thousands in lost productivity, damages, or lost contract and opportunities due to poor security.

Children Cyber Experts

In an article on TechWorm, they discussed that children from as young as five years old are leading the way when it comes to hacking and cyber security. It just shows that age is no barrier when it comes to cybersecurity, and for many young people it is an advantage. Whether these awakening cyber experts use their talents for good or bad is yet to be seen, but one thing for sure, if you don’t have adequate cyber security protection, your entire business is vulnerable.

At Bridewell, we have an entire range of staff and specialised contractors who are dedicated to cyber security. They are constantly evolving, learning new skills, and staying on the cutting edge of the cyber security industry. Cyber security is a sector where you simply can’t afford to play it safe and hope that it will never happen to you. Hackers are constantly trying to force their way into businesses systems, breach security and firewalls, in many cases just to prove that they can. Once they discover a weakness or flaw in a security system, they often share it just to boast about their ‘hacking’ prowess.

Why Hack?

Often hackers aren’t simply after an immediate payday; they will normally crash your system, sell your customers information, steal your data and destroy your system, forcing you to rebuild it from the ground up. This can be a very time-consuming process and cost you a fortune in lost revenue

How to Protect Yourself from Attack

Don’t worry! There are ways that you can protect your operating system, data and information against cyber attacks and hackers. At Bridewell, we have the cyber security experts available to help ensure that you won’t suffer costly cyber-attacks.

We have departments and services setup for Cyber Security, Security Operations, and also Network Security. All of our security services are geared towards protecting individuals, and businesses from the complete range of cyber security threats. All of our engineers are constantly training, studying, and researching all of the latest cyber security threats to ensure that as soon as any systems become vulnerable, or new hacking techniques are developed, they will be ready!

Constant Monitoring

You need to cover all aspects of cyber security. Having a great anti-virus, firewall and intrusion detection system is one thing, but relying on it alone to protect you is like installing an alarm, but no one being around to hear if it goes off or not. Our team of experts not only install the right cyber security systems; they are also constantly monitoring them to ensure that no one is trying to hack into your system or find ways around your security system.

Often businesses utilise a network of computers inside their business premises, but how do you know if someone has used their computer for the wrong thing? Bridewell can run a thorough risk assessment on your network, check for data theft, intrusions, and misuse, all without anyone being any the wiser! If you would like to speak to us about any of our cyber security options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can Contact Us here, our friendly and professional team are standing by to answer any questions that you may have!

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