Co pilot for security

Microsoft Copilot for Security

Take advantage of the latest AI generative security technology with Microsoft Copilot for Security. As early adopters, we've helped shape the service offering around Copilot and can ensure you maximize your deployment.



Enhance Your Security Operations with
Copilot for Security

As one of the earliest and leading partners within the Microsoft Copilot for Security Partner Private Preview, we have extensive hands-on experience with Copilot and can help you enhance security operations with generative AI.

We offer three distinct services to help you utilize Microsoft Copilot, reflecting your current level of maturity.
Whether you’re looking for guidance on deploying Copilot, mastering it’s prompt engineering
capabilities or enabling AI-assisted Incident Response, we can help.


Readiness Assessment

Ensure your organization has the correct controls and boundaries in place to securely deploy Microsoft Copilot for Security. This engagement ensures that there are no existing vulnerabilities in your environments that could be exploited through deploying Copilot. 


Prompt Engineering

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Copilot for Security by learning best-practice for prompt engineering. During this engagement, our consultants will teach you how to engineer the best prompts for Copilot that meet your specific security needs, improve reliability, and reduce bias.

ai assisted incident response

AI-Assisted Incident Response












Enhance your existing Incident Response retainer with Bridewell by leveraging Microsoft Copilot for Security to aid incident investigation and consume less hours within your retainer. This engagement can help you reduce mean time to respond and increase ROI from your security investment.

Why Bridewell? 

As Microsoft’s leading cyber security partner in the UK for CNI, our team are experts in maximizing the effectiveness of Microsoft technologies to deliver robust and effective solutions.

Having delivered some of the UK’s largest deployments of Microsoft security products – including Sentinel, Defender and Purview – we can help you utilize Microsoft’s solution suite to overcome your security challenges.

Why bridewell

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