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Keep pace with evolving regulatory and compliance demands and build trust in the personal data being used by your organization with Bridewell’s data privacy services.

Service Summary

Our team of highly accredited and deeply experienced consultants will work as an extension of your organization to build a data privacy programme that meets your specific regulatory requirements and goals. With an agile, outcome-focused approach to data privacy, our team can help you help respond quickly and effectively to evolving legislative changes, industry best practice and customer needs.

With a wealth of experience from across multiple sectors, our Data Protection consultants have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by organizations in critical national infrastructure, retail, financial services and more. Our Data Protection team has a background in delivering complex privacy programmes, and policy, process and governance activities which they can leverage to support your organization's Data Protection goals.

Our consultants also hold numerous globally recognized certifications for Data Protection, including International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/US and Fellowship in Privacy (FIP), Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection (PDP), BCS Practitioner Certificate and ISO27701:2019 Lead Implementer and Auditor certification. Our consultants work closely with international governing bodies and regulators on the development of initiatives relating to Data Protection. 

Beyond identifying opportunities to improve your Data Protection practices via gap analysis, Bridewell will work with your organization to deliver a Data Protection programme based on your specific requirements and goals. Our programmes are built in consideration of Data Protection legislation around the world and are designed to be simple in delivery and implementation while scaling to meet long term objectives.

Bridewell’s Data Protection consultants embed themselves within internal teams so they can work alongside them in support of existing compliance and/ or legal functions. Our teams aim to understand your organization's individual business goals, culture and operating context, so that your Data Protection function is focused on the most prevalent activities.

Our consultants are adept with using the latest technologies and tooling to enhance the maturity and automation of organization's Data Protection programmes, including OneTrust, … . Bridewell’s team are flexible in the solutions they use and capable of implementing them to meet specific outcomes.  

Improved Insight into Data Privacy

Gain a detailed understanding of your current data protection maturity and a comprehensive view of your personal data processing landscape.

Align with Industry Best Practice

Understand the next steps necessary to achieve your target data protection maturity and meet relevant legal requirements, such as the need to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) or to produce a Record of Processing Activities (RoPA).

Meet Your Data Privacy Goals

Achieve your proposed data privacy outcomes with the support of a partner who uses technology to enable change rather than citing limitations.

Overcome Data Privacy Skills Gap

Support your internal data privacy teams by augmenting their capabilities through a highly certified and deeply experienced partner.


Key Challenges Addressed

Organisations looking to improve their data privacy programmes are often limited by a lack of resource or skills in data protection.

The skills gap in data privacy is significant and often leaves organisations with barely enough manpower and expertise to maintain their existing programmes, let alone improve them to meet or exceed minimum requirements in order to use data privacy as a competitive advantage.

Even for those with the right skills in-house, they may lack the sector-specific experience to fully understand their data privacy requirements and drive appropriate improvements.

This is where Bridewell can help. By providing significant additional resource to support your data privacy functions and subject matter expertise related to your industry, Bridewell can rapidly close the skill gap within your organisation.

Working as an extension of your team, Bridewell’s data privacy experts can leverage their industry-experience to augment the work of your current team and drive improvements aligned to your specific goals or requirements.


How it Works

Our data privacy services all start with a gap assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities compliance shortfalls and develop a roadmap of improvements.

This roadmap prioritises services or activities that will deliver the most significant improvements to your organisation’s data privacy in the shortest time, while also addressing the mid-to-long term developments to ensure ongoing .compliance.

Bridewell will then work alongside your organisation to implement these improvements and provide any ongoing continuing support that is required.

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Customer Stories

Bridewell have delivered a vast number of data privacy and gap analysis engagements that have incorporated global data privacy requirements, implementation and ongoing support. These projects have included data privacy programmes for: a FTSE 100 health and safety technology company, global accounting, automotive, venture capital, energy, clinical research and marketing organisations, and UK local authorities and police. 

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