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Mobile Penetration Tests

Identify vulnerabilities in the cyber security posture of the mobile applications used or developed by your organization. 

Service Summary

Bridewell’s Mobile Penetration Testing service assesses the safety and security of mobile applications, developed for both iOS and Android and highlights any potential vulnerabilities or risks.  

  • Fix Common Vulnerabilities - Our engagements quickly identify common areas of risk within mobile applications. 
  • Comprehensive Penetration Tests - Our penetration testers design engagements that test people, process, and procedures in addition to technological controls.
  • Custom Engagements for Any Objective - Each of our engagements are designed in collaboration with our clients to develop a framework that assesses their specific areas of concern.
  • Deep Sector Experience - Our penetration testers are familiar with the unique business challenges and risks faced by organizations operating in highly regulated and/ or critical industries.
  • Highly Certified for Penetration Testing - Our penetration testers are accredited by CREST, Zeropoint Security CRTOs, the OSCP, are Tiger-certified, and hold Certified Cyber Security Consultancy status with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
  • Actionable Advice and Guidance - After finishing an assessment, Bridewell closely supports your security team in addressing any identified vulnerabilities to enhance your cyber security posture.
  • An Accurate Simulation of Real-World Attacks- Our engagements replicate the tools, tactics and procedures that real-world attackers use to provide true insight into how your defenses would perform in a genuine attack,

Key Challenges Addressed

Mobile applications are open to a number of potential vulnerabilities. From the code used to the platform the application is built upon, there are a broad array of areas that must be reviewed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of a mobile application.

Common areas of risk are insecure data storage, communication and authentication or the addition of extraneous functionality.   

Mobile Penetration



Our data privacy specialists will work with you to review your data processing activities to ensure that all personal data is being handled in accordance with regulations.

While using the UK & EU GDPR as a benchmark, the assessment will also note all applicable nuances of global data privacy legislation applicable to your organisation. This includes other legislation and standards such as the Data Protection Act and PECR. A GDPR Gap Analysis from Bridewell can also be used as an external audit of their compliance status and act as a complement to an internal audit, if one has already been performed. 

Key Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of Mobile Penetration Testing services:

A True Evaluation of Mobile Application Security

Our assessments follow a thorough methodology to accurately determine the resilience of an application.

A Prioritised List of Risks

Our penetration testers will rank potential data security risks and attacks that relate to your applications.

Remediation Guidance

Following an assessment, our penetration testers will provide advice and support on how to address any identified vulnerabilities. 

Confidence for End Users

For mobile application developers, completing an assessment is an assurance to users that it is safe for their use. 

How it Works

All of our engagements begin with an in-depth scoping exercise so that our consultants fully understand your organisation’s objectives in completing an assessment, which types of assessment best align with your requirements, and appropriate rules of engagement. 


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