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ISO 22301 Consultancy

Ensure the continuous running of operations and services in the case of an interruption by improving your business continuity management or achieving ISO 22301 certification with Bridewell.

Service Summary

Work with Bridewell to achieve alignment or certification to ISO 22301, the International Standard for Business Continuity Management. By using the ISO 22301 framework, our consultants will implement and maintain appropriate resilience, response and recovery mechanisms to safeguard your business in the event of a major incident. 

Throughout the engagement, Bridewell will work alongside your key stakeholders to truly understand and protect the critical areas of your business, covering everything from your people and premises to your organization's reputation and brand. 

  • Complete Services Across ISO 22301 - Our services cover all ISO 22301 requirements, including: risk assessment and treatment, business impact analysis, business continuity planning and business continuity strategy. 

  • Extensive Experience Across Sectors - Our approach is underpinned by deep technical expertise across a vast array of technology and industry sectors. 

  • A Strategic, Business Driven Approach - Bridewell is capable of delivering ISO 22301 using a variety of approaches and tooling and will align our strategy with your organization's business context. 


Key Challenges Addressed

Modern organizations are highly dependent on information and systems to operate. Most business functions are reliant on IT systems to perform their tasks, and there are a growing number of interdependencies between these separate functions, which creates a fundamental challenge for organizations seeking to manage business continuity in line with the ISO 22301 Standard. 

Add to this the wider adoption of practices like remote working and “always on” service requirements, and organizations may lack the expertise or resource to assess the risk to their operations or develop plans to maintain adequate and acceptable continuity.

This is problematic as legal and regulatory impacts today carry much larger fines and there is generally less tolerance for e-services being disrupted. 



Key Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of trusting Bridewell for ISO 22301: 

Keep Critical Functions Operational

Take a proactive approach to business continuity management that minimizes the impact of cyber security incidents​.

Return to Business as Usual in the Shortest Possible Time

If a major incident occurs, leverage business continuity plans to return to operations as fast as possible.

Protect Your Staff and Physical Locations

Prevent incidents or disruptions affecting your staff or premises.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation

Maintain customer confidence​ by demonstrating your commitment to business continuity. 

Meeting Contractual or Legal Requirements

Achieving ISO 22301 certification provides external assurance of your commitment to business continuity.

How it Works

Our process for ISO 22301 starts by agreeing the scope of certification and performing a comprehensive business impact analysis. During this analysis, our consultants will conduct interviews and workshops with key stakeholders to identify critical business processes and activities​, their impact on the business and the risk they pose to operations.  

Our consultants will subsequently use these insights to review the maturity of your business continuity activities, including implementing mandatory requirements which includes assessing the risk to operations, judging the likelihood of disruption and developing plans to maintain continuity. For all of our clients, we ensure these plans are accurate, known and understood throughout the business, and reviewed and amended on a regular basis. 

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Here are some commonly asked questions about ISO 22301. If you’d like to learn more speak to one of our team. 

ISO 22301 is a holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organisation and the impacts to business operations that those threats, if realised, might cause, and which provides a framework for building organisational resilience with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities. [Source: ISO 22301:2019​] 

ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 have significant alignment, the largest being that they both follow Annex A structure. While there are some deviations in each of the individual standards, there is considerable overlap in clause requirements​. As a result, organizations looking at multiple standards may not have to implement multiple times. They also both require a risk-based prioritization of products, services and activities​, though ISO 27001 is more limited in scope and specifically focuses on the management of information in continuity scenarios​. 

ISO 22301 protects the following areas: 

  • People 

  • Brand and reputation​ 

  • Shareholder and stakeholder value​ 

  • Tangible assets of the organization​ 

  • Intellectual capital​ 

  • Business intelligence and knowledge​ 

  • Revenue and profit​ 

  • Market share​ 

  • Organization viability 

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