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Wireless Penetration Tests

Identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities and architectural flaws that would allow attackers to obtain sensitive information via a wireless solution.  

Understand the Security Posture of Your Wireless Networks

Completing an assessment helps you flag security and data vulnerabilities, isolate misconfigured or duplicated wireless networks, detect default wireless routers, and identify unauthorized or rogue access points.

Gain Real-World Insight into Attacks

Improve your incident response to an attack by understanding how an attack could take place in your network.

Clear Guidance and Remediations

Our penetration testers will guide your security team in addressing vulnerabilities and improving your organization's defensive capabilities.

Guide Future Investment

Identify whether your organization would benefit from RADIUS servers, rather than WPA/WPA2 PSK. RADIUS servers use separate login IDs and passwords for each user and handle authentication beyond the access point, making them more difficult for attackers to penetrate. 

Why Wireless Penetration Testing with Bridewell?

Bridewell’s Wireless Testing is a comprehensive assessment that can be used to review vulnerabilities, risks and misconfigurations that would allow attackers to leverage a wireless solution to gain access to your network. This could be via exploiting the network on location or from external locations beyond the physical company premises.

The assessment will help address common misconfigurations and exploits such as rogue access points/ spoofing; guest Wi-Fi weaknesses; WPA keys and packet injection vulnerabilities; default router setups; poor encryption algorithms; weak passwords; or zero configurations on a Wi-Fi network.

Completing a wireless assessment is a valuable addition within a wider penetration test.

Our pen testers assess technological controls in addition to people, processes, and procedures.

Every assessment Bridewell delivers is tailored around targeted objectives outlined through a collaborate process that involves key business stakeholders.

Our penetration testers have experience solving business challenges within critical industries and highly regulated sectors.

Our penetration testing team is accredited by the OSCP, CREST, Zeropoint Security CRTOs, possesses Certified Cyber Security Consultancy status with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and are Tiger-certified.

Following our engagements, our consultants will work with your in-house security team to address identified vulnerabilities and strengthen your cyber defenses.

Our assessment replicate the tools, tactics and procedures real-world attacker use in their attacks, offering true insight against specific scenarios.

Key Challenges Addressed

Wireless security can present a critical vulnerability to many organizations, yet it is one that is commonly overlooked. 

Wireless networks are widely accessible and reachable from long distances, making it difficult to know with certainty where your network boundaries are and how to secure them appropriately.

Network mapping also presents a challenge to many organizations due to the scale and scope of their network, which can limit their understanding of where vulnerabilities may exist in the physical connectivity between devices. 


Wireless Penetration Testing



Our data privacy specialists will work with you to review your data processing activities to ensure that all personal data is being handled in accordance with regulations.

While using the UK & EU GDPR as a benchmark, the assessment will also note all applicable nuances of global data privacy legislation applicable to your organisation. This includes other legislation and standards such as the Data Protection Act and PECR. A GDPR Gap Analysis from Bridewell can also be used as an external audit of their compliance status and act as a complement to an internal audit, if one has already been performed. 

How it Works


Our wireless penetration tests consist of numerous testing procedures to identify security issues and assess your wireless infrastructure’s reliability, and how susceptible it is to potential attackers. 

This begins with the identification of WiFi networks, by way of information or signal leakage and wireless fingerprinting, and pinpointing opportunities for network penetration either by evading WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) access control measures or using wireless connectivity. 

Following this, our penetration testers will determine encryption weaknesses by performing encryption cracks, session hijacking or wireless sniffing. Isolating the identities and credentials of legitimate users for accessing private networks and services that would otherwise be hidden. 

Once the penetration testing has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed rundown of recommended remediation. This will, in turn, give you an idea of how to improve your wireless security. 

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As Part of the Assessment, Bridewell Can Also Perform:


Wireless networks offer incredible flexibility for organizations, giving employees extensive access to data and systems. However, they also act as a very straightforward entry point for cyberattacks. Threats to WiFi networks are unique, and the challenges and risks can be hugely detrimental to an organization. 

Wireless networks, if implemented insecurely, can grant attackers access to internal corporate resources from external locations beyond the physical company premises. There are numerous opportunities for threats to occur in wireless infrastructure. 

Wireless penetration testing – or wireless security testing - is a process of assessing the security of a wireless network by simulating an attack. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker and to determine the feasibility of an attack. It can also guide them on how they can better defender their network with firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and encryption.  

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