Data Privacy Audit
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Data Privacy Audit

Review the effectiveness of your organization's data privacy programme by completing an audit with accredited experts from Bridewell.  

Improved Insight into Data Privacy

Gain a detailed understanding of your current data protection maturity and a comprehensive view of your personal data processing landscape.  

Identify Gaps

An audit also highlights where gaps may exist in your programme, which our consultants can help address as part of a wider service. 

Demonstrate Accountability to Regulators

In the event of a data breach, having completed an internal audit would be seen positively by regulators..

Why Data Privacy Audit with Bridewell?

By working with Bridewell to conduct a data privacy audit – also known as a data protection audit - organizations can assess the suitability of their current programme while identifying any gaps or opportunities to drive improvements.

Our experts can conduct audits against various standards and frameworks, including internal ISO27701:2019. This is a fundamental step in understanding your level of compliance against a given framework and is a necessary step for driving improvements in how your programme handles personal data.  

Our consultants have extensive experience combined with ISO27701 Lead Auditor and Implementer certifications.

Our team have practical experience in completing audits across sectors, which gives us a deep understanding of your key challenges.

Bridewell can help remediate any gaps identified in the assessment through our range of data privacy services.

Key Challenges Addressed

The most common obstacle to carrying out an audit is a lack of expertise and resource. Even for those that do have the right people to act as auditors, it can be a low priority for in-house teams.

Given the demands of fire-fighting activities and other ‘higher value’ initiatives, it can be months before there is sufficient resource to finally complete the process. Additionally, using an in-house team is not an objective assessment and may provide less value than an audit completed by a third party. 


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How it Works


Bridewell begins by scoping which departments, and which controls within those departments, you would like to audit. Once this is agreed, our data privacy team will hold interviews with relevant stakeholders and review pertinent documentation to complete the process.  

The results of the review stage will be shared via a report that will be presented to key members of your organisation, such as the board or an auditing risk committee. This provides a checklist of the risks associated with any gaps identified by Bridewell and provides a detailed roadmap for addressing them based on their priority. 

If needed, Bridewell can also implement the remediations recommended within the roadmap as part of a separate consultancy service. 

Lock in hand


Here are some commonly asked questions about Data Privacy Auditing. If you’d like to learn more speak to one of our team. 

The scope will largely depend on the specific sector and existing data privacy processes of the company or institution in question. However, at a minimum, the scope will include an assessment of their policies and procedures and test their effectiveness in practice.  

The purpose is to ensure that existing data privacy practices are adequate and effective. By assessing an organization's compliance with relevant laws and regulations, data privacy teams can determine any areas where improvements are needed. This also helps to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed and that personal data is being properly protected.  

The main consequences to be aware of are financial penalties, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. In terms of financial penalties, if an organization is found to be in breach of relevant regulations, it could be subject to a fine. This could be a significant amount depending on the severity of the breach and the number of people affected.  

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