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Penetration Testing Services

Assess the security of your organization's network from an internal and external perspective by completing a penetration test with Bridewell’s highly certified and experienced offensive security experts.

A Complete Evaluation of Your Infrastructure

The assessment provides a true validation of your current defensive practices and guidance on improving detection and response capabilities.  

A Modular, Tailored Approach

Bridewell doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to testing, and will customise the engagement dependent on your specific objectives (e.g. active directory assessment, password reviews, firewall reviews, device reviews).

Targeted and Prioritised Remediation Actions

Increase your defensive capabilities simply and at pace with the guidance of our penetration testing experts. 

Improve Your Security Investment

Validate your current software configuration and work with Bridewell to optimise your configuration and streamline maintenance for the highest level of protection and best return on investment.

All our engagements are tailored to support the specific requirements and objectives of your organization. This generally aligns with the following process:

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Key Challenges Addressed


Organizations that don’t regularly perform penetration testing often face challenges in protecting sensitive data and systems, maintaining compliance and customer trust, and reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack.

Penetration testing – or pen testing – helps organizations identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker to access sensitive data, such as customer information or financial records. These vulnerabilities can also result in financial losses for an organization, either through direct financial theft or through the costs of responding to and recovering from a successful cyber attack.

Pen testing can help organizations identify and address vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them, thereby reducing risk and securing their business. This also supports compliance through helping an organization meet regulatory requirements by relevant industry bodies (such as the PCI DSS). 


How It Works

Bridewell’s approach to penetration testing incorporates advanced remote testing solutions.

As a result, there’s no need for Bridewell personnel to be on-site unless specifically requested or desired by the customer, which can reduce potential overheads for the client as there is no requirement for dedicated space and support for on-site personnel.

Our penetration testing team consists of ex-sysadmins, developers, network engineers and system architects who bring years of experience developing and securing environments.

This ensures our assessment considers all aspects of your organization's infrastructure, incorporates lesser-known attacks and vulnerabilities, and considers business-impact of a potential breach.

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