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Cybersecurity Audit

Leverage Bridewell's deep cybersecurity, technical and compliance expertise to truly validate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity programme while meeting the specific needs of your organization and industry. 

Supplier Assurance

Be confident that your suppliers are complying with their contractual and legal and regulatory obligations.

Highlight Trends Across Suppliers

Identify broad issues with how the suppliers have been commercially engaged and are operating.

Validate Effectiveness of Controls

Assess the effectiveness of the controls your organization has implemented to mitigate risk.

A Cyber Security Foundation

An audit is integral to an organization's wider risk appreciation and management and supports wider cyber security initiatives.

Why Bridewell for a Cybersecurity Audit?

Our consultants have designed national government programmes that have been used to provide cyber security oversight across an industry sector. Bridewell has demonstrated its ability to design audit programmes through years of successfully delivering them on behalf of government bodies and regulators, as well as CNI, fintech and DevOps sectors.

Our consultants are passionate about ensuring cyber security assessments are effective and not treated as a simple checklist or tick box exercise. Bridewell takes a modern approach that seeks to understand and incorporate your organization's full technology stack and operating model. 

Bridewell’s consultants have significant expertise in completing audits in highly regulated industries, including government and financial services. 

During and following an audit, our consultants offer practical suggestions for addressing areas of non-compliance or otherwise driving improvements. 

Bridewell produces meaningful audit metrics for clients that can be integrated into their wider risk management. 

Our clients can prioritise and build the individual capabilities they need by selecting the specific services most relevant to their specific goals and needs. 

Bridewell has developed several, proprietary tools that generate audit metrics, track remediation activities, highlight supplier trends, and map controls across standards. 

Key Challenges Addressed

For many organizations, it is challenging to find suitably accredited and experienced consultants to conduct a cyber security audit.

Given that completing an assessment is fundamental to their wider risk appreciation and management, this can prohibit them from understanding the specific challenges they face and mitigating them promptly.

For organizations looking to increase cyber resilience, understanding these threats, vulnerabilities and other weaknesses helps them build the appropriate capabilities and put the correct security policies in place.

Moreover, being unable to complete an audit prevents organizations from assessing the effectiveness of the controls they have in place to mitigate cyber risk and thereby demonstrating the tangible returns on investment they provide.

In many sectors, it is also a legal requirement to perform an audit with a specific auditor and a lack of experience in completing this process can make it harder to comply with relevant regulations.

Cyber Security Audit

How it Works

Bridewell provides a comprehensive service that addresses all, or a selection of, the following elements

  • Security Standards & Policy
  • Security Controls Information
  • Security Management System
  • Physical Security

Beyond established frameworks, audits can be assessed against proprietary policies and standards developed by the client. Where required, Bridewell can also initially perform a high-level assessment and overview that highlights areas requiring more in-depth investigation.

This allows organisations to make informed choices as to which third-party providers need a more in-depth, on-site visit and review.

Bridewell also provides assessments and reviews of organizations' cryptography solutions, focusing on the cryptographic hardware or software and the associated cryptographic key management. This specialized audit and review can be conducted for financial institutions, payment card producers and retailers who rely on e-commerce.

In addition to these services, many of our clients utilize Bridewell consultants to augment their teams, particularly when demand is high or there are national programmes due to take place across highly regulated environments.



Here are some commonly asked questions about cyber security audits. If you’d like to learn more speak to one of our team.

An audit ensures that an organization's information security program is adequate and effective. This assesses the adequacy of security controls, tests their effectiveness, and makes recommendations to improve the program. The audit also provides assurance that the organization is taking appropriate steps to protect its information assets.  

The audit will cover all aspects of the organization's operations and activities. This will include an evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization's internal controls, risk management processes, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The audit will also assess the organization's financial statements and assess the reasonableness of the accounting estimates and judgments made by management. In addition, it will evaluate the effectiveness of the organization's management in carrying out their responsibilities.  

There are a variety of methods that can be used to collect data. Some common methods include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and on-site visits. 

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