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Cybersecurity in Critical National Infrastructure Organisations: Financial Services

Across the financial services sector, organizations are experiencing rapid digital transformation as they invest in a number of new technologies. Beyond allowing them to modernize their operations – through enabling hybrid working and supporting new digital experiences for their customers – this investment has also been used to mature their cyber security.

Our research found that cybersecurity decision makers in financial services are among the most confident in their cyber security posture, with strong people and processes in place to identify and address cyber threats.

However, as organizations in financial services near the completion of their digital transformation programmes, it is worth them evaluating if they have built the right capabilities and processes to secure these new technologies and working practices.

This whitepaper looks at the current level of maturity across financial service organizations and their level of preparedness for the most prevalent threats in their sector. Providing insights into the top attack routes, risks and vulnerabilities that they face, this whitepaper also uses Bridewell’s research to provide practical recommendations for improving their overall cybersecurity strategy and operations.


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