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Risk Assessments

Identify the top threats and vulnerabilities facing your organization and work with Bridewell to make informed, cost-effective decisions on how to address them. 

Service Summary

For organizations looking to better understand the specific cyber risks they face, Bridewell’s experienced consultants can undertake both qualitative and quantitative risk assessments on their behalf. Depending on their specific requirements, and what is the most beneficial to their organization, these can be performed at an organization-wide level or focused on individual projects or initiatives.

  • High Quality Assessments - Bridewell utilizes the latest risk assessment software to improve the quality and agility of assessments and can also be provided as an ongoing managed service. 
  • Long-term Insight and Value - Our assessments are carried out in a repeatable, consistent manner that allows organizations to see changes within their main areas of risk over time.
  • Support for Any Standard - Our service can provide assessments against any standards required.
  • Efficient and Cost-effective - To minimize costs, our consultants can perform an initial online risk assessment service that organizations can review before deciding if further investigation is required.
  • Highly Certified Consultancy - Bridewell’s delivery consultants have CESG Certified Professional certifications and NCSC Risk Specialisms.
  • A Partner with Leading Industry Bodies - Our consultants work closely with the NCSC and other industry bodies to help shape national initiatives and the future of the cyber security industry.

The service also helps organizations define and integrate risk assessment strategies into their risk management approach and wider IT and business goals.

Key Challenges Addressed

Most organizations realize the importance of risk assessments and related risk management but often discover that the task is more involved than anticipated.

The way business is conducted is continually changing. The expansion of traditional network boundaries - and a greater reliance on outsourcing and third parties - has created interconnected supply chains that increase the number of risks and vulnerabilities.

The challenge for organizations is qualifying and quantifying these risks so they can be addressed within a flexible and adaptive risk management framework. This requires strong expertise in the technologies that are driving greater interconnectivity between organizations' operations and systems.

Specifically, they must understand modern cloud infrastructure, the convergence of IT and OT technologies, and the implications of modern working models (like remote working).

Risk management

Key Benefits

Organizations who recognize this and understand the intrinsic link between the various types of risk are best placed to manage risk, respond to incidents, demonstrate legal and regulatory compliance and inspire trust in their organization that the assets of the organization and that of their customers are safeguarded appropriately.

The tooling has the added benefit in that it can demonstrate to organizations the evolution and reduction of risks, which can demonstrate successful returns on investment and provide tangible evidence of the effectiveness of risk management.


Here are just some of the other benefits of trusting Bridewell for Risk Assessment:

Simplified and Cost-Effective Risk Reduction

Having a comprehensive view of risk across an organization enables you to easily apply pragmatic and cost-effective risk reduction strategies.

Easily Adopt New Standards and Legislation

Seamlessly align your cyber security programme with new standards, legislation, and business strategies.

Adapt to Changing Risk Levels

Manage the consequences of changing risk levels and develop appropriate continuity plans.

Open New Market Opportunities

Demonstrating to customers and investors that your organization manages risk in a competent manner can create a competitive advantage.

How it Works

Our consultants can provide assessments for any combination of the following, in an engagement that is tailored to your individual organizational requirements and goals:

  • Business Impact
  • Privacy Impact
  • Third Party Risk
  • Cyber Security Risk
  • HMG Risk
  • Code of Connection (e.g. PSN)
  • ISO Standards
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