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Take the First Step in Your Cyber Security Career by Joining the Bridewell Academy


Over the course of the 18 months, you’ll receive training across different cyber security disciplines, undertake projects and support client facing work. The Bridewell Academy is delivered both in groups and via one-to-one sessions, providing an interactive environment which allows you to gain knowledge and experience.   .

We offer a formalised, structured programme that combines industry leading experience and working within the one of the fastest growing cyber security companies in the world.

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Academy Journey 

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The Bridewell Academy starts with a three-month training and induction program. Following this, you'll enter a six-month period primarily focused on shadowing and gaining exposure to clients. During this time, a dedicated line manager will support you, assisting with networking, relationship-building, and increasing your visibility within the business. 

By the 6 to 18-month mark, your training will have taken root, allowing you to work full-time on client-based projects. You will have accumulated enough experience to confidently pursue relevant courses.  Alongside working with Bridewell, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge with access to SANS training courses and other industry recognised training and qualifications such as CREST and ISO27001. 


Individuals who complete the Academy are then able to move into entry level roles at Bridewell in areas of Cyber Defence or Cyber Consulting.   When you are not undertaking training, you will be immersed within one of the following areas:

  • Cyber Risk Management 
  • Cyber Security Standards and Frameworks 
  • Security Operations 
  • Managed Detection and Response  
  • Vulnerability Management 
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence 
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response


Each Academy candidate will be assigned a line manager/ buddy within the team they have been assigned. The Line Manager will provide support and mentoring for you during your academy journey.  ​ 

Emma Leith

Emma Leith

Director of Consulting

Martin Riley

Martin Riley

Director of Managed Security Services


Hannah Roome

Talent Acquisition Manager

Angel Huizar

Angel Huizar

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Nikoleta Kalinova

Nikoleta Kalinova

People Advisor

What Our Bridewell Academy Students Say


"The Academy offers a pathway into the industry that is tailored for those new to the industry- and for me, that was the ideal way to begin in a completely new profession."– Rebecca Forshaw, Bridewell Academy Graduate Consultant


It's Our People That Make Us Stand Out.


At Bridewell we are looking for talented individuals who are committed to doing the right thing, delivering exceptional work, and working as part of a rapidly growing organisation.


Bridewell Academy FAQs

At the Bridewell Academy we currently have one programme which is located under ‘ Academy Analyst/Consultant’.

Click on the ‘Apply For a Bridewell Academy” button. You’ll then be taken to our job description where you can read through the post and start your application!

Upon joining the Bridewell Academy, you can choose between two main paths: working as an Academy Analyst in our Managed Security Services or as an Academy Consultant in our Consulting division. The program begins with 3 months of training and inductions, followed by 6 to 18 months of role-specific training and hands-on experience.

Don't worry about knowing everything from day one! No prior experience is necessary. The company is seeking someone who demonstrates potential through their transferable skills. Confidence, the ability to build relationships, a self-starter mentality, and a strong eagerness to learn are all highly valued qualities. 

The Bridewell Academy recruitment process consists of several steps, ensuring continuous communication from the moment you apply. Candidates will participate in an on-site interview day in Cardiff, followed by a final interview conducted via Microsoft Teams. Each step is carefully designed to help you showcase your strengths, skills, and abilities.

You will be offered a position with the Bridewell Academy and with acceptance, you’ll be asked to complete reference and background checked. During this you will be sent an employment offer, followed by contract for our Academy Program.

Once your request has been processed, you will receive a notification via email. Please ensure to check your email inbox for updates regarding your inquiry. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Each cohort will have a designated start date. We will be holding interviews for our next cohort in February 2025.

No. As the Bridewell Academy is a structured cohort-based program with a group training calendar, it’s important that everyone in the cohort starts at the same time.