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It's Our People That Make Us Stand Out.

At Bridewell we are looking for talented individuals who are committed to doing the right thing, delivering exceptional work, and working as part of a rapidly growing organisation.


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Building a Secure Future Together

The strength of our relationships with clients and our success as a team is built upon our values.​
They guide every decision we make and ensure the best outcomes for everyone.

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Our Values

Do the right thing


Do the Right Thing

Always authentic, professional and

Above and Beyond


One Team

Always energetic, empathetic and an
extension of our clients’ teams.


Above and Beyond


Above & Beyond

Always delivering an exceptional,
adaptable and expert service.

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Health and Wellbeing

We provide a broad range of benefits to ensure our employees can access the health and wellbeing services they need. We do not have a performative work culture – if you are sick we will strongly encourage you to take time off.

Bridewell provides comprehensive healthcare insurance with access to Digital GP and additional healthcare services.

Buy a bike and other cycling equipment worth up to £2,500 through our cycle-to-work scheme.

Use our salary sacrifice scheme to save money on the purchase of an electric vehicle. (From 1 January 2023).

Pay less for gym membership through your Aviva plan.


We offer financial compensation that truly matches market rates and reflects your skills and experience.

Your manager will ensure your salary competes with market rates with an annual review and pay increases to reflect growing responsibilities.

By default, Bridewell will enrol you into our pension scheme. (From 1 January 2023, this will be a 5% contribution of your full pay. Employees can opt-out of the pension scheme if they prefer).


After working at Bridewell for two years, you will be issued a fixed number of shares in the company. After your third year, you will be issued a further allotment of shares.

If you have to travel to a client location or an office that isn’t your usual location, Bridewell will pay your travel expenses.


Bridewell doesn’t dictate when and where you should complete your work. Your manager will work with you to structure a working pattern that suits you and helps you do your best work.

The only fixed hours our employees are required to work are 10am – 4pm. Your remaining hours can be distributed at your convenience.

For employees who prefer to work remotely, we will provide all the necessary equipment as part of the onboarding process.

 Bridewell has seven offices across the UK (and one in the US), so you’ll never be far from a convenient location.



In addition to your annual leave, we provide a number of additional days off for health, community and family reasons. You will also gain additional days off the longer you work at Bridewell.

Bridewell provides 25 days of annual leave in addition to all public and bank holidays. (While we let you roll five days over every year, we strongly encourage everyone to use all their annual leave.)

Get additional days or receive compensation for unused ones with your holiday exchange system. (From 1 January 2023).

After a year at Bridewell, you can take a personal day for any reason whenever it’s needed – no questions asked.

After 3 years at Bridewell, we will provide additional annual leave.

After a year at Bridewell, you can take your birthday off without using up your annual leave. (If it falls on a weekend, you can take it as an additional day of annual leave).


Keep enhancing your skills while you work with our learning benefits. We strongly encourage everyone to use their training budgets and provide guidance on where they can use it.

Gain additional qualifications and attend industry webinars and events for free.

Spend time with an experienced security professional and learn.


Family and Personal Life

We want our employees to be able to focus on their personal lives. Beyond flexible hours we also provide additional days off, extensive maternity/ paternity leave and support for charitable projects.

Bridewell provides a range of choices in how you use your maternity/ paternity leave – with increasing benefits to reflect the duration of your time at Bridewell.

For parents returning to work, Bridewell offers extra ‘family days’ that can be used in addition to your annual leave.

Take an additional day on top of your annual leave to support a registered charity of your choice.

If you experience a bereavement, Bridewell will provide you with compassionate leave and support.

Social and Community

Bridewell is made up of strong relationships within teams and across departments, which is why we offer opportunities for employees to meet new people throughout the business.

Spend time with other people from your nearest Bridewell office through regular informal socials.

 Each quarter, your manager will organise a lunch/ dinner or other activity for your team.

 Take an additional day on top of your annual leave to support a registered charity of your choice.

Bridewell holds annual Company Day called 'Bridewell Con' with activities focused on team building, networking, and company presentations. It's a chance for everyone to connect, learn from our speakers, and strengthen relationships.

Our Hiring Process

We have a fully transparent hiring process that keeps you informed at every stage. We aim to make this as simple as possible, ensuring you have a complete understanding of what’s expected from you and how you can prepare.

Our hiring process isn’t just to determine whether you have the relevant skills, experience and values. Our interviews seek to understand how a career at Bridewell can benefit you as an individual.

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Through our careers portal, or in conversation with our talent team, you will share your CV for consideration.


One of the team will reach out for a 30-minute informal discovery call to discuss previous experience and what you are looking for in the role. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have.


This interview is typically a virtual call with your potential line manager. This will cover your experience, certifications, and skills and how they align with the role.


This interview is about culture fit and is a chance for you to get to know your potential colleagues, and for them to get to know you.


If your application isn’t successful, one of the team will speak with you about areas you can develop to improve your chances in a future application.


Our team will call you to share the news, providing you with details of the offer, before confirming in writing.