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Microsoft Purview

Protect and manage data wherever it resides within your organisation by implementing Microsoft Purview for information protection and data loss prevention. 

A Data Governance Approach to Microsoft Purview

Our approach to implementing and deploying Microsoft Purview is driven by data governance, with a focus on ensuring your organisation is compliant with relevant data privacy regulations. Our Microsoft, Cloud, and Data Privacy experts will work alongside you to understand regulatory risks within your environments and remediate them through Purview’s data, compliance, and governance capabilities.


The Benefits of Purview

Our team will help you deploy Microsoft Purview quickly and effectively, so you enjoy the following benefits. 


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Identify Risks to Your Data 

Assess your current data privacy programme for any ongoing risks.


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Identify Risky User Behaviour 

Identify any user behaviour that risks non-compliance or a data breach.


Understand Your Data Processing Activities

Better understand where data is stored and how it is processed through its lifecycle.

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Achieve Best Practice for Data Protection

Meet relevant requirements for regulatory compliance and industry best practice.

How it Works 

Data governance isn’t just about technology, but how organisations use, process and secure data. Our Purview deployments prioritise understanding how your employees handle data so we can implement policies that support their ways of working.


Data Discovery 

Our cloud security and data privacy teams will hold discovery workshops to understand:

  • Your current approach to data classification, retention and data loss
  • Any challenges with how your users access and share data
  • Your goals with Purview

Our team will review your current approach against applicable data protection legislation and best practice standards.

Any areas of non-compliance or data risk will be highlighted immediately.

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Design and Implementation

Based on our findings, we will recommend updates to relevant policies and provide a test deployment of our proposed labelling solution to address these shortcomings.

This test deployment ensures there is no risk to your current operations and allows our team to optimise your Purview deployment before it is moved to a live environment.

Once our team have fully reviewed the data from the test environment, we will recommend some final changes for the live deployment.

Any potential impact to your everyday users and wider business will be articulated ahead of time.

Once your internal stakeholders are ready, our team will deploy Purview into your live environments. If your organisation requires more time for the transition period, we can instead provide clear documentation for how to perform the deployment independently.

Upcoming Webinar


Preventing Data Loss with Microsoft Purview

21 August 2024 | 10:00am 45 mins

In this webinar, Chris Linnell, Principal Data Privacy Consultant, will share the most common data-related challenges facing organisations - including insider risk and data loss - and how they can use Microsoft Purview to overcome them.

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Why Bridewell for Microsoft Purview?  

As one of Microsoft’s leading cyber security partners, our team are designated solution partners for Security. We hold specialisms in Cloud Security and Threat Protection and have extensive experience in deploying Purview for some of the UK’s largest and most highly regulated organisations.



Engaging with Bridewell

By taking an adaptive, customer first approach, we provide trusted services that deliver outcome focused results.

  • Understand: We listen and learn about your business challenges, goals and ambitions, strategic drivers, and culture.
  • Assess: We deliver assessments of your current risk position relative to your needs and goals, and develop a roadmap for optimising your cyber security.
  • Design: We design solutions, processes and strategies that allow you to achieve the desired state of security and effectiveness.
  • Implement: We draw on our experience and expertise to implement the agreed technical solutions, governance, compliance frameworks, and migration processes.
  • Manage: We operate as an extension of your own cyber security team, delivering tangible, value-added cyber security on a 24/7 basis.
  • Optimise: We use our agile yet focused methodology to evolve and optimise your solution over time, to maximise value.