Bringing Clarity to the CAF

CAF Connect is a series of content and events where our experts share their knowledge, advice, and experience from implementing the CAF for some of the world’s largest CNI organisations.

This series will help you: 

  • Better understand the NIS Regulations and the CAF framework, including its objectives, principles, contributing outcomes and indicators of good practice (IGPs) 

  • Learn approaches to delivering the outcomes established in the CAF 

  • Work more effectively with competent authorities

Latest Blogs


Breaking Down the CAF BLOG



The NIS Directive and NIS Regulations

This blog is a high level overview of where the NIS Regulations came from, the requirements they introduce, and some of the core concepts and terminology that you need to know.


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Breaking Down the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) in 2024

This blog provides a high-level overview of how the CAF is structured and how it is used and applied. This is the second part of our CAF Connect series, an ongoing series of content and events where our experts share their knowledge and advice on the framework to help you achieve compliance.. 


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Webinars & Events

In 2024, we'll be running a series of webinars and events on CAF. More details on these events will be launching shortly. Sign up here to pre-register for our upcoming events and webinars, and for updates on our latest CAF content.

Upcoming Webinar (20th March 2024)

Meeting CAF Requirements in the Electricity and Gas Sectors

In this webinar, Scott Hudson, Senior Lead Consultant and Kirsten Scobie, Senior Security Consultant, will discuss how you can overcome these challenges and provide actionable guidance on how you can meet CAF requirements.

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NIS Regulations 6 Years On – What Have We Learned and Where Next?

On Demand

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Meeting CAF Requirements in the Electricity and Gas Sectors

20th March 2024

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CNI Security Summit

17th April 2024

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Meeting CAF Security Objectives Using Microsoft Technologies

15th May 2024


Applying the CAF in OT Environments

17th July 2024


Risk and Asset Management for Operators of Essential Services (OES)

11th September 2024


Meeting the Requirements of the CAF for Aviation

29th October 2024


*Dates for these webinars are subject to change.

On-Demand Webinar

The Journey to CAF 2027 – How Energy Companies Can Prepare 

Learn about the differences between the basic and enhanced CAF profiles, and how they can drive improvements in your cyber security programs to align with the CAF principles.

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