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Cyber Security Frameworks

Work with Bridewell to deliver cyber security and compliance frameworks that integrate with your organisation’s regular operations and business objectives.

Service Summary

Bridewell leverages our business centric approach, combined with strong technical understanding and vast experience to deliver at scale.  Bridewell often maps multiple control frameworks, leverages automation and deploys the latest technology to deliver security improvements that integrate with your business, improve user experience and minimise disruption. 

Bridewell have also designed national cyber security frameworks for regulators and governments to implement across their sector, which has enabled Bridewell to develop unique experience in understanding how frameworks and the associated controls are implemented from multiple viewpoints. 

  • Highly Accredited - Bridewell is one of the most accredited companies for delivering cyber security frameworks and are accredited by industry bodies and regulators such as the NCSC, CREST and IASME. Bridewell is also certified to ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 9001, SOC2 and Cyber Essentials Plus.
  • Extensive Expertise & Experience -   Bridewell have delivered a vast amount of cyber security frameworks on a global and national scale.  This is covered consultants regularly collaborate with the leading industry bodies such as the NCSC, UK Cyber Security Council, CREST, ICO, and central government.
  • Broad Delivery Capabilities - Bridewell is a leading cyber security services company and has all the experience and resources needed to deliver large scale security projects.
  • Focused on Business Outcomes - Bridewell's approach is goal-oriented prioritising how our services can be used to support our customer's goals.
  • Adaptable to Customer Needs - Our consultants understand that an organisation's situation and objectives are always changing. This is why we work with clients to ensure the services we deliver are truly aligned with our clients' latest requirements. 
  • Trusted by Regulatory Bodies -  Our consultants have supported governments and regulatory bodies in designing national and international frameworks through assurance and cyber security oversight activities.

Prior to any implementation or selection of frameworks, Bridewell listen to our clients and seek to understand the unique business drivers and objectives of the organisation and the individuals within them. This allows us to develop the most appropriate approach, framework and team which culminates in an outcome driven approach that goes beyond just delivering the framework and builds a trusted relationship.  

Key Challenges Addressed

In order to effectively implement a cyber security and compliance framework, organisations must have the skills and cyber security expertise in place to implement a vast amount of controls covering the systems, networks and services within their operating context and different technologies. 

To ensure this is not a tick box exercise or something that provides a false sense of security, this often requires specific expertise within areas such as operating multi-cloud and hybrid cloud and, for critical infrastructure organisations, Operational Technology (OT).   

Combine these requirements with the need to implement controls in areas such as compliance, security operations, penetration testing, incident management and cyber security make implementing frameworks a complex programme or project. 

This typically results in higher operational overheads as well as additional complexity in implementing control frameworks and achieving certification. In turn, organisations may also lack certainty on the costs of such initiatives, with no guarantee of successful certification. 

Once the certification is achieved, there can be additional challenges in ensuring that management systems are properly handled and that security controls are effectively utilised to drive maturity and business value. This is often a missed opportunity, where gaps in control objectives under particular security standards may discourage organisations from seeking to meet other compliance frameworks in the future.   


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Key Benefits

Meet (or Exceed) Compliance Standards in Your Sector

From ISO27001 to the NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework and everything in between, we offer the industry accreditations, expertise and people to help you optimise your security stance.

Provide Assurance to Clients, Stakeholders and Customers

Demonstrate your commitment to best practice and make cyber security your competitive advantage.

Guaranteed Outcomes and Cost

Bridewell will guarantee certification contractually and will not exceed agreed budget in achieving it. 

Support in Choosing the Right Framework

If your organisation isn’t certain on which framework is most appropriate to your needs, Bridewell can advise based on our years of industry experience. 

How it Works

When helping our clients meet their chosen cyber security framework(s), Bridewell first seeks to understand their unique business drivers and objectives. This allows us to seek the most appropriate framework and approach. 

Our engagements typically align with the following process:

Customer Stories

Why Bridewell?

As one of the UK's largest independent cyber security service providers, we're trusted by some of the most highly regulated organisations to protect their data, reputation and business. With our industry-leading certifications and our customer-centric approach, we're optimally positioned to provide end-to-end cyber security services tailored to your business' individual needs.

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  • Award-Winning
  • Agile and Responsive Delivery
  • Strategic Insight and Technical Expertise
  • An Extension of Your Team
  • Flexible Commercial Models
  • Trusted by Microsoft
  • 24x7 MDR & Security Operations Centre
  • Dedicated to Cyber Security
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A cyber security framework is a set of guidelines and best practices that help organisations protect their information assets from cyber threats. By following a cyber security framework, they can implement effective security controls and countermeasures to reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack.

The most popular cyber security framework is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. This framework provides guidance on how to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from a cyber attack.  

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the specific organisation and what its needs are. However, there are some general tips that can help. First, the organization should ensure that its cyber security framework is comprehensive and up to date. The framework should cover all aspects of cyber security, including but not limited to network security, data security, application security, and user security.  

One of the biggest costs associated with implementing a cyber security framework is the cost of training employees on the new system. This can be a significant expense for larger organisations but is often a necessary investment to ensure that the system is used correctly and effectively. 

A cyber security framework should be updated regularly to ensure that it is effective and up to date. The frequency of updates will depend on the specific framework and who is using it, but it is generally recommended that a framework be updated at least annually.

In some cases, more frequent updates may be necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of cyber threats. 

Several industry-specific cyber security frameworks have been developed in recent years. These include the Cybersecurity Framework developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) framework developed by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). 

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