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Information Security Office as a Service (ISOS)

Gain access to a complete set of cyber security services instantly with Bridewell’s ISOS service.



Service Summary

Bridewell’s ISOS provides organisations with dedicated cyber security consultants and an additional set of services to meet the organisational requirements such as Penetration Testing, 24x7 Managed Detection & Response and/or Data Privacy.

The ISOS is highly tailored and developed in conjunction with our clients to incorporate a complete suite of cyber security services that meet the needs of the organisation and focus on defined deliverables and outcomes, which can be changed over time. 

  • Holistic Cyber Security Capabilities - Gain access to Bridewell’s complete range of services, covering Penetration Testing, 24x7 Managed Detection & Response and/or Data Privacy.
  • Industry Leading Qualifications and Expertise - Our consultants have deep security experience and are continually seeking further certifications to guarantee they continue providing best-in-class support. 
  • Agile and Flexible Delivery - Bridewell’s solutions, delivery approach and experience allow us to adapt to our clients' everchanging requirements by leveraging specialist resources from any of our end-to-end security services.
  • Rapidly Scalable - Bridewell’s ISOS can be scaled up or down at pace to match our clients' strategy and requirements, even as they evolve over time.

Key Challenges Addressed

Cyber security is a huge discipline that touches every part of business and technology. Delivering and managing a successful cyber security programme requires that organisations have access to the necessary skills and expertise to address their current cyber security requirements and also understand how they should invest to develop appropriate capabilities in the future. Given that these skills are in high demand, and the shortage of sufficiently experienced and qualified cyber security experts, it can be difficult and costly to recruit and retain the right people.  

Without these skills, organisations may lack the capabilities to certify that information is being handled in line with industry best practice – especially as compliance standards change over time. Beyond this, organisations may struggle to align activities, projects, and initiatives with their business objectives, which prevents them from realising the greatest possible value from their information security programme.  

Through working with Bridewell, organisations can support their specific business objectives by having a dedicated ISOS lead from Bridewell working with them at every stage to develop a tailored solution that addresses their individual needs and requirements. 

Information Security Officer as a service

Key Benefits

Immediate Access to an ISO

Bridewell’s ISOS provides immediate access to experienced cyber and information security specialists.

Cost-Effective Information Security Specialists

Avoid the challenges of hiring and retaining appropriately qualified employees in-house.

An Extension of Your Organisation

Your ISO works as part of your organisation’s wider team, which allows them to focus on their day-to-day work

Training and Awareness

Your Bridewell ISO can expand your employee’s knowledge with additional training and awareness initiatives.

Increase Cyber Maturity

Implement new processes and policies in your company that address security risks, improve protection, and create a competitive advantage.

How it Works

Bridewell’s ISOS service is managed through the assignment of a dedicated ISOS Lead. The assigned ISOS Lead works with the organisation on a pre-defined basis, ensuring that they understand their specific technologies, systems, processes, risks, and threats. The ISOS Lead may have already been engaged to conduct an initial Risk Assessment or implement a Control Framework such as ISO 27001. This is often the case when clients require Bridewell to manage their ongoing requirements following an initial engagement. 

The ISOS Lead will generally manage the operational cyber security requirements of the organisation such as, but not limited to, providing security input into new projects through to managing and monitoring the response to any security incidents that may occur. This allows the business to focus on their day-to-day roles and not worry about managing security requirements. The ISOS Lead will also lead any client presentations required, providing Bridewell customers with an ability to demonstrate cyber security maturity to their customers. They also often assist with training that might be required internally, as well as provide support for security questionnaires, merger and acquisition activities, or requests from shareholders.

To ensure that the ISOS service is effective, we guarantee that the assigned consultant has the required expertise and experience for each client, and they are supported by wider consultants who have specific expertise in areas such as Penetration Testing, Cloud Security or Incident Response. Bridewell’s ISOS Lead will be the primary contact, have the highest awareness and knowledge of the client’s organisation and coordinate all of the wider activities being undertaken by Bridewell. We also recognise that requirements change and as part of periodic service improvement reviews, we are able to flexibly adapt services to ensure that you are always getting the expertise required as your requirements evolve over time.

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