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Managed Cookie Consent Service

Ensure the cookies used on your organisation’s websites and applications are compliant. 

Service Summary

Ensure the cookies used on your organisation’s websites and applications are compliant. Bridewell’s Managed Cookie Service provides a comprehensive review of your organisation's current use of cookies against relevant legislation and provides guidance on where changes must be made (if any areas of non-compliance are identified). 

This ensures your organisation has a functioning and compliant consent management solution that captures user consent for any cookies that are not considered to be ‘strictly necessary’. 

  • Data Privacy and Information Security Specialists - Bridewell’s consultants have extensive experience in data privacy process, policy and governance activities across sectors.  
  • Internationally Accredited - Our consultants hold certifications including IAPP, CIPM, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPT,  Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection (PDP), BCS Practitioner Certificate, Fellowship in Privacy (FIP), and are accredited Lead Implementers and Auditors for ISO27701:2019 .  
  • A Long Term Partner - Bridewell can act as a trusted advisor capable of implementing a data privacy programme that considers wider business goals, strategy and relevant global legislation.  
  • An Extension of Your Team - Our consultants work to address your organisation’s specific business objectives, operating context an culture so they can effectively work alongside your existing team.  
  • Support For Any Solution - Our consultants are capable of using whichever tools are used by your organisation – this includes OneTrust and Microsoft’s compliance suite (Purview and Priva). 

Key Challenges Addressed

Organisations often lack the expertise and resources to both manage the cookies they use and maintain compliance. This often leads to organisations replicating how their competitors are using cookies rather than focusing on what is or isn’t compliant.

Given that cookie compliance is a legal requirement under Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR), and similar legislation globally, this is an oversight that can lead to fines.  

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Key Benefits

Achieve Cookie Compliance

Have certainty that your cookies are compliant with relevant legislation through the support of Bridewell’s data privacy experts. 

Access to Dedicated Expertise and Resources

Underpin any future changes in your organisation’s use of cookies with the insight of certified experts. 

Create a Competitive Advantage

Demonstrate the importance of data privacy to your organisation by taking a proactive approach to compliance. 

Support Internal Teams

Provide additional resource to support your internal teams by leveraging Bridewell's Data Privacy team.

How it Works

Bridewell’s Managed Cookie Consent Service begins with a scan of the customers’ websites and applications to understand what cookies they’re currently using. Our consultants then advise on how they should categorise these cookies correctly based on their purpose, and reflect these changes in a revised cookie policy on their website.  

Bridewell then implements a compliant consent management solution across their various web domains and applications to enable our consultants to run periodic scans. These scans will update the client’s cookie policy to ensure any new cookies that are introduced in the future are captured as part of the cookie consent manager. 

Our consultants also provide regular reporting to the client on any changes concerning cookies on the website as well as statics and insights around cookie consent that may provide additional value.  

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Strictly necessary cookies are cookies necessary for a website’s basic functionality. They enable basic features that form the user experience, such as billing. Under cookie laws, strictly necessary cookies are exempt from requiring user consent, though it is sometimes legally required that the website state what each of the types of cookie is being used for. 

Third-party cookies are created by domains that are not the website (or domain) that a user is visiting. Generally, these are used for online advertising to tailor the adverts displayed. By default, many browsers will disable third-party cookies. When a user is browsing a website in private or incognito mode, their browser will not store cookies (however this does not mean the user has complete anonymity).  

Functional cookies – or functionality cookies - allow websites to remember a user’s preferences. This covers preferences or choices such as user preferences, commenting or web chat services. Functionality cookies don’t track browsing activity across other websites and can include first-party, third-party, persistent or session cookies. 

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