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Cyber Security Services

Protect against cyber threats, mitigate risk, and meet legal and compliance requirements in partnership with a leading cyber security services provider.


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Guaranteed Delivery Outcomes and Cost Certainty

Bridewell is willing to commit to supporting your business outcomes contractually.

An Extension of Your Team

Our consultants will work alongside your staff to build internal capabilities and will always prioritise remediating cyber security threats instead of referring to commercials. 

Flexibility and Adaptability

Bridewell will accommodate changing requirements and circumstances to deliver the cyber security services your organisation needs the most.


A Close Partnership with Global Scale

As the largest cyber security services company in the UK, Bridewell has the resource and expertise to deliver while still remaining committed to being your trusted partner.

Why Cyber Security with Bridewell?

Bridewell has vast expertise and experience in delivering the range of people, process and technical competencies needed to help organisations meet their cyber security goals - even as they evolve over time :

Bridewell’s consultants regularly provide technical advice, deliver services, and drive strategy for some of the UK’s leading industry bodies such as the NCSC, UK Cyber Security Council, CREST, ICO, and central government.

As one of the largest cyber security companies in the UK, Bridewell has the experience and resources to deliver large scale security projects in any sector across IT, OT and cloud.

Our consultants go beyond simply delivering our services and act as trusted partners for our clients, ensuring all projects tangibly support specific business outcomes and objectives.

Bridewell can adapt our commercial approach to supply the services that align with your business goals – not just the ones featured in client contracts.

Bridewell can launch services and scale teams in a matter of hours, if required.
Cyber frameworks

Cyber Security Frameworks

Cyber Security Frameworks

Work with Bridewell to deliver cyber security and compliance frameworks that integrate with your organisation’s regular operations and business objectives.
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Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy

Work with a trusted partner and gain access to a complete suite of cyber security consultancy capabilities to meet your organisational requirements. 

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Cyber Security Leadership

Cyber Security Leadership

Work with an award-winning, trusted partner to help identify, deliver and lead on your cyber security requirements, benefiting from the ability to access a wide range of expertise and insight across our global client base.
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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Unlock the full potential of the cloud within your organisation by working with a trusted and experienced cyber security services provider. 
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Key Challenges Addressed

Organisations often lack access to the right people and skills to achieve their cyber security goals; they are hard to hire and retain, and it is difficult to ensure they continue developing their skills over time within the business.

Even for organisations with such personnel, there is rarely a single individual with all the relevant expertise and experience to deliver a complete cyber security program.

The proliferation of digital transformation and cloud migration, requires significant expertise in numerous disciplines if relevant cyber security services are to be delivered at speed and scale.

This is particularly pressing for organisations with highly-technical environments or complex IT and OT challenges, where relevant skills are in short-supply yet vital to securing their business and meeting relevant compliance frameworks.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about cyber security services. If you’d like to learn more speak to one of our team. 

Cyber security frameworks can offer a good structure for your organisation to work withing.  Often the first part of improving cyber security is understanding your current position and having a framework can give you a standard, industry recognised approach to baseline and build a roadmap for improvement.

Within Bridewell we have a delivery engagement lifecycle that breaks the entire implementation to phases. Clients can engage in the initial phases, which focus on understanding your organisational context, strategy and technical environment.  We then complete a gap analysis against a chosen framework such as an ISO27001 Gap Analysis, which forms the initial baseline and roadmap for implementation. 

While the cost of a service will vary depending on the provider you ask, the true value of a cyber security service should be determined by how effectively it is delivered and integrated with your business. A service delivered at low-cost may be sufficient to tick a box but rarely offers any real protection or risk reduction. By contrast, a service delivered by a trusted partner provides cost-certainty and assurance that the service will lead to agreed, tangible improvements in your cyber posture and can create additional value elsewhere in your business. 

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