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Cyber Security Leadership

Work with an award-winning, trusted partner to help identify, deliver and lead on your cyber security requirements, benefiting from the ability to access a wide range of expertise and insight across our global client base.

Service Summary

Our highly qualified and experienced cyber security leaders work with regulatory bodies, helping shape the future of cyber security and will work alongside your teams to ensure your organisation has the right management and capabilities in place to deliver cyber security programs of any scale or complexity.

Regardless of the level of seniority required, the duration of the project or the specific expertise needed, Bridewell can develop tailored approach and team to meet your needs.  We have delivered many large-scale cyber security transformation programmes, enhancing cyber security posture but also driving the business change required for long term effectiveness.
  • Effective Engagement at the Board Level - Bridewell’s consultants have vast experience in engaging the board level on cyber security matters.
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced - Bridewell has some of the world’s most highly qualified and experienced cyber security experts, with specialists across cloud, IT, and OT environments.
  • Access to Wider Capabilities - All our clients can leverage Bridewell’s wider cyber security capabilities whenever they are needed.
  • Flexibility - We recognise that often requirements change over time, we provide a flexible commercial model that enables you to enhance what services you consume from Bridewell, swapping services for areas possibly no longer required or a priority.
  • Complete Ownership of Programs - Bridewell will take full ownership of transformational programs to deliver business outcomes.
  • Public and Private Sector Experience - Bridewell has delivered a range of different target operating models across the public and private sectors.
  • Cost Certainty - Bridewell often works to a fixed price, deliverable-based engagement that provides cost certainty and guarantees that the requirements will be delivered at no additional cost.

Key Challenges Addressed

Organisations are often unable to hire and retain the leadership and senior management roles they need to provide clear direction for their cyber security spending and strategy.

This lack of strategic direction makes it difficult to implement the capabilities needed to mature their cyber security posture. This could range from leading a risk management programme to aligning with industry frameworks or delivering training to increase employee awareness.

With no one at the executive level to take responsibility and identify cyber security requirements, the wider organisation will struggle to increase cyber resilience, reduce risk, or undertake a transformation program.


Key Benefits

Reduce Hiring and Retaining Challenges

With Bridewell delivering leadership as a managed service, the hiring and retaining process is eliminated and our clients can focus on maximising the value of their relationship with our consultants.

Incorporate Industry Best Practice

Having delivered consultancy and services across industry sectors and other organisations, Bridewell can utilise insights from our customers to ensure your organisation benefit from the best approaches.

Demonstrate Cyber Maturity

Having Bridewell’s consultants within your team immediately increases your cyber maturity and helps you articulate it to customers and stakeholders.

Scale Resources as Needed

By relying on Bridewell instead of recruiting and retaining staff, organisations can easily scale up and down in line with their current cyber security requirements.


Why Bridewell?

As one of the UK's largest independent cyber security service providers, we're trusted by some of the most highly regulated organisations to protect their data, reputation and business. With our industry-leading certifications and our customer-centric approach, we're optimally positioned to provide end-to-end cyber security services tailored to your business' individual needs.

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Security Certifications

  • Award-Winning
  • Agile and Responsive Delivery
  • Strategic Insight and Technical Expertise
  • An Extension of Your Team
  • Flexible Commercial Models
  • Trusted by Microsoft
  • 24x7 MDR & Security Operations Centre
  • Dedicated to Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security for the Wider Good
  • Committed to Sustainability
  • Developing Cyber Skills for the Future


There is no one-size-fits-all answer. The responsibility for cyber security leadership in an organisation depends on the size and structure of the organization, as well as the specific industry and sector in which it operates. In some cases, the responsibility may fall to the CEO or other senior executive, while in others it may be delegated to a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or another specialist. 

A cyber security leader is responsible for the safety of an organisation's information and systems. They work to protect against threats such as hacking, malware, and data breaches. They develop and implement security policies and procedures, and they train and educate employees on best practices. They also monitor the organisation's network for activity and investigate any incidents that occur. 

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NIS Regulation

ISO 27701 Consultancy

ISO 27701 Consultancy

Ensure that data privacy is achieved consistently across your entire organisation, in accordance with ISO standards. 
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Security Architecture

Security Architecture

Security Architecture

Design, implement and review the foundation of your organisation’s cyber security program in consultation with a leading cyber security services provider. 

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Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Security Audit

Complete a cyber security audit with Bridewell that leverages our deep cyber security, technical and compliance expertise to truly validate the effectiveness of your cyber security programme while meeting the specific needs of your organisation and industry. 
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PCI DSS Consultancy

PCI DSS Consultancy

Meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and enhance the security of payment card data in your organisation. 
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