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Next Generation. Cyber Talent.

Unleashing Cyber Excellence

We're passionate about developing the next generation of cyber security talent, increasing diversity in the sector, closing the skills gap, and providing opportunities to people from a variety of backgrounds. To achieve these goals, we take part in several initiatives that support this career pathway for school leavers, graduates, veterans, and those looking to change careers.


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Our Investment

We provide financial support using our resources across consulting, penetration testing, cyber defence, and incident response to deliver over 150 training sessions a year, as well as holding events in our flagship 24x7 SOC and developing technical competitions.


Elevate Your Cyber Expertise

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Bridewell Academy

Running over 18 months, the course provides you with the education and experience to become a qualified cyber professional and join the Bridewell team. You’ll gain valuable hands-on experience working alongside our consultants, and one-to-one and group sessions.

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Training Tomorrow's Cyber Leaders

Below are the cyber training academies we work with to ensure the highest level of expertise and industry-leading skills.


Cyber College Cymru 

As a lead partner for the Cyber College Cymru initiative, we provide Welsh colleges with access to cyber security education, networks, experience, and job opportunities, which they may not have access to due to their location and local economic state.


NCSC Cyber First 

We are one of the first companies to support the NCSC Cyber First team, engaging children in secondary schools across Gloucestershire and South Wales. This initiative is particularly focused on increasing diversity in the industry through education at various levels of education and providing career insights.

University of South Wales

We run master class sessions to students undertaking a degree and MSc in cyber security.

Listen to James John, Incident Response Manager, talk about what we do to help students at the University of South Wales get prepared for the working cyber world.



We are an Armed Forces Covenant company and, as part of the TechVets scheme, a major employer of ex-armed forces employing numerous ex-armed forces personnel and individuals who volunteer as reservists and in volunteer cyber roles.

SANS Upskill

We have supported a number of reskill programmes including SANS Upskill in Cyber. This is a programme that is utilised as part of the Bridewell Academy programme, where we have taken individuals who have reskilled through the academy from previous careers.

SANS Upskill