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Cyber Security. Where it Matters.

Our modern cyber security services are trusted by complex and highly regulated organisations to protect and transform their critical business functions. 

Our Services

Our cyber security services are grouped into four service areas, which can be combined and customised at every level to meet your organisation's requirements. Whether you're looking to increase cyber resilience, outsource specific services, test your infrastructure, or improve data handling, our solutions can rapidly enable your business transformation.

Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing

Assess the security of your organisation’s network from an internal and external perspective by completing a penetration test with Bridewell’s highly certified and experienced offensive security experts.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Delivering effective data management to drive the success of your organisation. Our data privacy services ensure you meet evolving regulatory and compliance demands, build trust in the data being used and help respond more efficiently to market changes and customer needs.​​

Managed Security


Managed Security

Keeping organisations and critical systems secure 24/7. Our highly accredited intelligence-led team of experts and range of managed security services monitor, detect, prevent and respond to increasingly intelligent cyber threats at our leading Security Operations Centre.

Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Cyber security services as unique as your organisation. Our industry experts seek to understand your challenges and are perfectly placed to help develop services that build resilience, deliver against industry standards and drive real business impact, whatever the infrastructure or cloud platform.

Security Specialists


Security Certifications

  • Award-Winning
  • Agile and Responsive Delivery
  • Strategic Insight and Technical Expertise
  • An Extension of Your Team
  • Flexible Commercial Models
  • Trusted by Microsoft
  • 24x7 MDR & Security Operations Centre
  • Dedicated to Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security for the Wider Good
  • Committed to Sustainability
  • Developing Cyber Skills for the Future

Accreditations and Certifications

Our cyber security consultants and services are globally recognised for meeting the highest standards of accreditation and have leading industry certifications.

What Our Clients Say

Here are just some of the ways our services have helped our clients protect their organisations and support their business objectives.

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From sharing your most immediate challenges to discussing how Bridewell can support your long term security objectives, our consultants are here to help. 

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