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Bridewell Appoints First Head of Operational Technology to Tackle Global Security Challenges in OT Environments

Published 9 January 2023

Strategic investment in Glenn Warwick, previously Principal Cyber Security Consultant, represents significant strengthening of Bridewell’s OT security capabilities 

Reading, UK – 9 January 2022 – Leading UK cyber security firm, Bridewell, continues to diversify and evolve its core capabilities with the appointment of its first Head of Operational Technology (OT).  

Glenn Warwick, an accomplished OT security specialist with over 28 years’ experience in securing industrial control system environments, will step up to his new position as Head of OT on 9 January 2023. Already a key member of Bridewell’s leadership team, his role will combine supporting the firm’s global client base in strengthening their OT security postures, undertaking research and development across OT cyber security areas, and ensuring that Bridewell’s industry-leading 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) and consulting capabilities capture the evolving security challenges facing OT systems.  

Since 2019, Warwick has been a Principal Lead Consultant at Bridewell, heading its Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), Utilities, and Aviation squad. Experienced in delivering expert and dynamic security consultancy to customers across heavily regulated environments, he will now move into a research and development focussed role to consolidate and maintain Bridewell’s position at the forefront of OT security and cyber threat intelligence.  

Bridewell is currently one of the few cyber security services companies with core capabilities across multiple areas of critical infrastructure, encompassing on-premises IT, cloud, and OT. With many CNI organisations relying on OT to control major parts of their operations – from oil refineries to airport runways – robust OT cyber security has become essential for global industrial networks. Bridewell’s strategic investment in a new Head of OT therefore addresses the growing need for organisations to have strong cyber security capabilities across all areas, delivering expert-led MDR and consulting to tackle evolving OT security challenges across industries.  

Warwick’s appointment comes as modern OT environments face escalating cyber threats. With digital transformation and increased remote working driving convergence between OT, IT, and cloud, traditionally air-gapped OT devices are now connected to the outside world via the internet, resulting in a significantly expanded attack surface. Recent Bridewell research also revealed that many CNI organisations are struggling with cyber security challenges in OT environments, with over a quarter (26%) of IT decision-makers not confident that their OT systems are protected from cyber threats, and almost two-thirds (64%) admitting to lacking sufficient visibility across the IT/OT boundary.  

Commenting on his appointment as Head of Operational Technology, Glenn Warwick said:

As global OT environments increasingly converge with IT networks, clients across CNI are looking towards Bridewell to help secure these technologies through continuous threat detection and response. As Head of OT, I will continue to evolve Bridewell’s leading MDR and consultancy capabilities whilst driving vital research and development to address the most pressing security challenges in OT environments.

Scott Nicholson, Co-CEO of Bridewell, added:

Glenn’s tremendous expertise, experience, and leadership in OT security has helped to fuel Bridewell’s remarkable growth over the past couple of years. Our decision to strategically invest in Glenn as Head of OT not only reflects the strength of his contribution in this area, but also our drive to deepen and diversify Bridewell’s cyber security offering across critical infrastructure. OT is, and will always be, a core part of our capabilities, enabling us to support organisations with IT security challenges while also addressing evolving OT cyber threats and risk.