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Introducing Bridewell’s New SOC: Security Operations for Modern Organisations

Published 6 September 2022

Bridewell is proud to announce that we have recently opened our new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Wales!

Providing 24/7 security capabilities for our customers, it is our largest property investment to date and represents the next step in Bridewell’s journey to becoming a globally recognised cyber security services provider. The new SOC will support our security analysts in rapidly identifying and responding to threats for a greater number of organisations by supporting their methodologies and processes with state-of-the-art technologies.

Our decision to upgrade our SOC wasn’t just to drive further improvements in Bridewell’s managed security services but because we believe it will create new opportunities for young talent in the cyber security industry. We hope that if offers an exciting environment for aspiring cyber security professionals across the UK to work in, and we look forward to seeing them join the team.

What Our Team Have to Say

Tom Cox, Cyber Defence Manager

“Having a modernised Security Operations Centre for our analysts enables Bridewell to continuously promote a culture of collaboration, partnership and sustainability with our teams and clients in an increasingly hybrid world.

Our teams are able to work together face-to-face on personal development, perform their typical day to day responsibilities, and utilise purpose-built areas for incident warooms, digital forensics and for examinations.”

Anthony Young, Co-CEO

“The new SOC provides significant scale and capability to ensure we can continue to provide our clients a leading managed detection and response service. It will also support Bridewell’s growth in developing skills across offensive, defensive, and threat intelligence domains. What’s more, our commitment to developing skills across wider cyber communities will see our experienced professionals helping to shape the next generation of young cyber talent. Our SOC will bring people and communities together in a collaborative and sustainable space where cyber skills can flourish.”

Jay Jay Davey, Senior Security Analyst

“The new SOC offers substantial benefits, and it enables us to work more collaboratively by sharing knowledge, teaching each other new skills, and bolstering our service quality. As we continue to grow, this SOC will operate as a critical element in the upskilling of new analysts and discovering new ways to protect our customers and ultimately help them in their security journey.”

Why Have We Upgraded our SOC?

Our new SOC in Wales will help Bridewell serve our customer’s ever-growing needs with five times the capacity of our previous location. This will allow us to provide 24/7 threat intelligence, detection and response capabilities to even more organisations across the UK. The larger space also supports Bridewell’s sustained growth in the last year, and our anticipated growth in the future. With a 100% increase in SOC analysts since this time last year, and our headcount predicted to double in the next year, we need the extra room!

As part of our sustainability initiatives taken in the last year, the SOC also aligns with our status as a   carbon negative business. The SOC will be entirely powered by sustainable energy sources.

The new SOC also deepens Bridewell’s existing connections with Welsh cyber security communities and educational partners such as Cyber Colleges Cymru and the University of South Wales. For the future cyber practitioners in our internship and apprenticeship programmes, this is a new opportunity to build their cyber security expertise in a leading Security Operations Centre.

What’s Next for our SOC?

In the coming year, Bridewell will be opening a forensic lab within our SOC to enhance our digital forensics capabilities. As Bridewell grows, we will also be bringing in new security analysts from across Wales, through our internship and apprenticeship programmes, and beyond. It’s an exciting time to be in our SOC and we look forward to seeing what else this new location brings.