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Connecting Secure Remote OT Environments

23 May 2024 | 11:00 am
45 mins

Within Operational Technology (OT) environments, it is increasingly common to see external connectivity to IT networks, third-party systems, and the internet. While this can provide a host of benefits – such as remote system support and streamlining data imports/ exports – greater connectivity of your OT assets inevitably creates increased exposure to cyber threats.  

In this webinar, Glenn Warwick, Head of OT Cyber Security, will cover how to minimise this risk by securely connecting your OT environments. Looking at common OT systems, controls, and security weaknesses, he will recommend secure approaches that also align with CAF objective B.   

Webinar Highlights:  

  • An overview of common OT systems, controls, and security weaknesses.  

  • A comparison of various methods of securely connecting to OT assets, including via VPN, jump servers, and dynamic jump hosts.  

  • An introduction to zero trust network access and Privileged Access Workstations (PAW) for remote OT access.  

  • Methods for securely importing and exporting data over external connections.  

  • How the above methods and practices can help you meet CAF objectives, including B2.a B2.b, B2.c, and B4.a.  


Glenn Warwick

Glenn Warwick

Head of OT Cyber Security


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