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How Mature is Your Data Privacy Framework?

25 January 2024 | 11:00 am
45 mins

If your organisation is looking to maintain compliance with data privacy legislation and minimise risk, it's essential to understand where your data privacy programme may be falling short and in need of maturing. 

What qualifies as mature depends entirely on your organisational context. The scale of your organisation, how it’s structured, the sector it operates in, and many other factors will all impact what ‘mature’ looks like for you. Likewise, many organizations may be mature in some aspects of data privacy and immature in others.   

In this webinar, we define the key features of an effective and mature data privacy programme, while considering how this is impacted by organisational context. We also highlight which aspects of data privacy your organisation should focus on to deliver the most value to your overall programme. 

Webinar Highlights 

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn: 

• What an effective data privacy programme looks like 

• How to embed organisational context into your data privacy programme - considering target maturity, risk, and legislative impact 

• The importance of good data governance, controls, security, stakeholder relationship 

• How to achieve a strong data protection culture 

• How to baseline data privacy maturity to help you adapt to global requirements 

Webinar Speakers 

Gareth Downs

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