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Managed Security Masterclass: Implementing a Phased Approach for Mazars (with Microsoft)

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  • 29 November 2023
  • 10:00 AM
  • 45 minutes

Join us for an exclusive webinar in collaboration with Microsoft and Mazars, a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm with over 3,750 employees.

This masterclass addresses the challenging and dynamic landscape of modern security operations and helps you understand the difference between various SecOps tools such as MDR, XDR and SOC. It also sets out how you can take a phased approach to implementing a full managed security strategy.

During the webinar, Mazars discuss how they worked with us to implement a phased approach to their managed security, building up to a full SOC service, and how this has enhanced their security operations.  

We also have Microsoft presenting the latest technologies and real-life strategies employed by leading organisations such as Mazars UK to protect against cyber threats and attacks. 

Webinar Highlights 

  • Understanding the changing nature of threats, including cloud-based attacks 
  • The anatomy of a modern security operation 
  • Demystifying the differences and advantages of MDR, XDR, and SOC 
  • Navigating the journey to SecOps maturity: a Q&A with Mazars UK
  • Triggers for change and building a proactive strategy  

Who is This Webinar Suitable For

Organisations looking to better understand SecOps and how to implement a phased approach.  

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