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Preventing Data Loss with Microsoft Purview

21 August 2024 | 10:00 am
45 mins

“Over 8 years of ensuring data privacy and compliance for some of the UK’s largest organisations, I’ve identified a range of common data-related challenges that many businesses still struggle with. Fortunately, many of these obstacles can be addressed through the right deployment of Microsoft Purview.”

In this webinar, Chris Linnell, Principal Data Privacy Consultant, will share the most common data-related challenges facing organisations - including insider risk and data loss - and how they can use Microsoft Purview to overcome them. This will include practical guidance on how to manage your own rollout of Purview and utilise key features within the platform.

  • How you can use Purview to solve common data-related challenges
  • The importance of understanding what types of data your organisation processes and how
  • How to define a labelling solution aligned to your business and legal requirements
  • Ways to leverage Purview to identify insider risk and prevent data loss
  • Strategies for managing a successful rollout of Purview


Chris Linnell

Chris Linnell

Principal Consultant


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