NIS 2 Eguide

Achieving NIS2 Compliance: A Strategic Guide for Critical Infrastructure Security


A Comprehensive Guide to NIS2 for UK Organisations Operating Within the EU

For UK organisations operating in critical sectors of the economy and working within the EU, compliance with NIS2 is a necessity. This e-guide takes a deep dive into NIS2, its history, its impact on CNI, and how to achieve compliance

Preparing for NIS2

The NIS Directive was initially introduced to ensure that operators of essential services were compelled to strengthen the resilience of critical systems and services against modern cyber attacks and other threats and hazards.

Since its first iteration, the threat landscape has continued to evolve rapidly, presenting a range of new challenges that need to be addressed. These emerging challenges have been a driving force behind the introduction of the updated NIS2 Directive.

While NIS2 aims to enhance cyber security across the EU, it also introduces a number of major changes for CNI organisations to be aware of. This guide provides insight into these major changes and a compliance checklist which outlines high level areas where organisations should focus their compliance efforts.

E-guide Highlights

  • NIS2: A Deep Dive Into the Regulation
  • Understanding Essential and Important Entities
  • The UK’s Response Post-Brexit
  • The Impact of NIS2 on Critical National Infrastructure
  • Developing a Compliance Strategy (Compliance Checklist)

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