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Cyber Security in Critical National Infrastructure Organisations: Utilities

What are the unique cyber challenges and threats faced by the utilities sector, and do organisations have the cyber maturity to protect themselves? Find out in our latest, research-based whitepaper.



Key Insights:

Our research uncovered the unique cyber challenges and threats faced by utilities organisatons, as well as their level of cyber maturity.

  • 95% of utilities organisations describe their cyber security as mature. This is the highest confidence amongst any of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sectors.
  • 70% of utilities organisations report a rise in cyber attacks
  • 79% of utilities organisations are concerned about cyber warfare

To help organisations use this information to drive appropriate improvements in their cyber security posture, we've published this latest whitepaper.


For many utilities organisations today, their main goal is to understand how digital integration of IT-OT, increasing cloud adoption and greater remote access can be achieved securely. These trends are modernising their operations and creating greater interconnectivity to critical systems.

This promises several advantages to utilities organisations, such as greater process optimisation, increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. However, to realise these benefits while minimising the potential risks these changes could bring, they must underpin their decision-making with a strong understanding of their current cyber maturity.

Utilities organisations will be in a strong position to overcome these challenges if they can secure the necessary financial buy-in. Given that our research found the majority of CNI organisations are increasing their cyber security budgets in the next year, this will likely help them offer competitive remuneration packages that bring in the necessary skills, update legacy systems and improve their cyber maturity.


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