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Cyber Security: What to Expect in 2023

The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve in sophistication and complexity year after year, and 2022 has proven no exception.

Organisations have continued to modernise their operations in the last year, accommodating remote working, cloud migration and interconnecting their IT and OT systems. While these trends have afforded organisations many advantages, it also creates new vulnerabilities that threat actors may look to exploit.

To counter these growing cyber threats in an increasingly volatile landscape, organisations need to proactively anticipate what lies ahead. In this whitepaper, we share 10 insights from a number of Bridewell’s cyber security experts on what you can expect from the world of cyber security in 2023.

Here are just some of our top insights. For more, download the whitepaper:

  1. Cyber Crime Will Displace Conventional Crime on the Global Stage
  2. The Proliferation of Tools Will Open Up New Security Vulnerabilities
  3. The Hybrid SOC Will Keep Going From Strength to Strength
  4. Criminals Will Exploit the Cost-of-Living Crisis to Target Insiders
  5. Hybrid Cyber Attacks Will Cause Further Disruption to CNI

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What to expect 2023

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