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PCI DSS v4: Your Guide to Transitioning to the New Standard

In this e-guide, we provide an overview of how to transition to PCI DSS v4. Comparing v3.2.1 with v4, we highlight the main changes you should be aware of, how they impact your payment processing activities, and your next steps for remaining compliant. 

If you haven’t completed your journey to the latest version of the standard, this e-guide will help you answer common questions about v4 and guide you towards an effective and timely transition.  

E-guide Highlights  

  • What is PCI DSS?  

  • How Does DSS v4 Differ to v3.2.1? 

  • What Have We Learnt Since PCI DSS v4 Was Released in March 2022? 

  • Outsourced Payment Processing and Cloud Services in PCI DSS v4 

  • Will I or My Third Parties Need to Immediately Re-assess After April 2024 to v4? 

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