Security and Sustainability Across CNI 2023

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How is the Climate Crisis Impacting Cyber Security?

Our 2023 research surveyed over 1,000 cyber security decision makers to understand how climate change is affecting the cyber threat landscape, what impact sustainable technologies are having on cyber risk, and how Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) can overcome these new challenges.  

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    Cyber Resilience Meets Climate Resilience 

    Climate change threatens to damage critical infrastructure and networks, causing economic stress that contributes to cyber crime and increases climate hacktivism. Pressure to evolve quickly and meet ambitious environmental targets can also introduce risk for CNI organisations. 

    Securing Technology
    and Tools 

    CNI organisations are seeing a rise in the number of tools being deployed to help meet sustainability targets. However, these new tools can become a new attack vector if not implemented correctly, increasing the potential attack surface and providing more opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit. . 

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    Outsourcing Cyber Security 

    To bolster their cyber resilience in the face of dynamic and interconnected security challenges, organisations are increasingly looking outwards, engaging with external partners to either fully or partially outsource their key cybersecurity services. 

    Diversity, Equality
    and Inclusion  

    CNI organisations are recognising the need to change the makeup of their security teams, diversifying the workforce to help meet the challenges of changing times and emerging cyber threats.  

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    Sustainability Across Sectors

    To understand the different perspectives and response to cyber security and climate change, our research surveyed cyber security decision makers across the following sectors: Communications, Utilities, Finance. Government. Transport and Aviation



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