Transforming Cyber Resilience Through Threat Intelligence

The effective use of cyber threat intelligence can radically increase an organisation’s cyber maturity.

For those in critical national infrastructure (CNI) who aren’t utilising cyber threat intelligence to its full extent, this presents an opportunity to overcome a number of current and future cyber security challenges. For example:

  • The rising threat of nation-state actors
  • IT-OT convergence
  • Hybrid working models. 

Our latest research surveyed CNI organisations to better understand what challenges and cyber threats they are most concerned about and how prepared they are to address them. These findings have been summarised in our ‘Transforming Cyber Resilience Through Threat Intelligence’ paper.

Here are some of our top findings:

78% are worried about the immediate threat of cyber warfare right now

1/4 worry that their systems are vulnerable to attack

More than 7 in 10 have seen cyber attacks increase since the start of the conflict

To learn more about these challenges and risks faced and how cyber threat intelligence can help, read our latest research.