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Security Operations Centre

Scale your organisation’s security operations with the threat detection, cyber intelligence and incident response capabilities of a hybrid or fully managed SOC. 

Service Summary

Rapidly improve your organisation’s security posture by integrating the 24/7 threat detection and response capabilities of a hybrid or fully managed security operations centre (SOC). Gain access to a range of leading SOC services, supported by the unique insights and cyber threat intelligence from our security analysts, that help your organisation defend against cyber threats while remaining agile and cost effective. 

  • Rapid Time to Value - Have your hybrid or fully managed SOC up and running within days of signing your contract with Bridewell. Our security analysts will begin delivering an early SOC service and monitoring your organisation for cyber threats during the onboarding process. 

  • An Extension of Your Organisation - For organisations building a hybrid SOC, Bridewell’s security team will operate in tandem with your existing in-house or outsourced security functions, such as threat intelligence or incident response teams. For those building a fully serviced SOC, Bridewell will provide all these capabilities in open collaboration with relevant stakeholders in your business to build a seamless security function. 

  • Highly Certified and Deeply Qualified Security Analysts -  Our SOC team has extensive experience working with organisations in highly regulated sectors and hold dozens of certifications from leading industry bodies. Bridewell continually invests in training our analysts to keep them at the forefront of their capabilities and work closely with SANS to ensure we provide deep, vendor agnostic skills.  

  • Deep Expertise Supported by Automation - Bridewell’s SOC service strikes the balance between automation and human analysis, leveraging threat intelligence and intrusion analysis to support the expertise of our analysts. We only introduce automation where we are certain it provides an improved service and in a continuous, open dialogue with our clients. 

  • Threat Intelligence-led -  The integration of our threat intelligence and research into every facet of our MSS offerings ensures your organisation is continually assessed and improved to respond to the latest threats and actors. 

  • Enable Digital Transformation -  Bridewell will work with your organisation to use cyber security as a digital transformation enabler that helps you achieve your specific business goals. Our SOC is here to support change and not to be a bottleneck.  

  • Deployed as Code - Our SOC monitoring tools are deployed as code in our client’s tenants and treated as their intellectual property, even if they don’t choose to renew their SOC contract. 

Key Challenges Addressed


As organisations modernise their operations through new technologies and processes, their security capabilities can struggle to keep pace. In particular, sectors that rely on operational technology (OT) systems often find it difficult to maintain an accurate inventory of all the assets in their environments due to IT/OT convergence.

The introduction of IoT, IIoT, and process automation and digitalisation creates even further difficulties in ensuring end-to-end visibility across applications.  

Building the right capabilities to secure modern business operations requires the right capabilities in your SOC. However, the cyber skills gap has created a shortage of suitably skilled security analysts with relevant sector experience (particularly in securing OT), which can limit SOC capabilities.

This can impact business continuity, with organisations lacking the expertise to balance the availability of these new systems with confidentiality and integrity. A lack of sector experience in the SOC can also create undue complications in achieving compliance with relevant regulations – such as the NCSC CAF. 


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Key Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of trusting Bridewell to manage your Security Operations Centre. 

Dedicated experts and resources in your environment

Whether hybrid or fully managed, our SOC team will work with your organisation to provide 24/7 cyber security services. 

Reduce the Burden on Your Security Team

With the support of Bridewell’s SOC team, allow your in-house IT or security teams to focus on other initiatives.

Improved Security ROI

By consolidating your security tools, Bridewell can help you get better value and more effective protection from your existing investment in security solutions.

Enable Digital Transformation

Support new initiatives in the cloud and modernise your business knowing that it’s secured by highly qualified security analysts.

How it Works

Bridewell isn’t just a SOC supplier; we’re a long-term security partner. From day one, we will work in constant collaboration with your organisation to fully understand your requirements and specific challenges so we can continually refine and mature your security processes and practices. 

They can be as a named partner within our SOC, or we can integrate a dedicated Bridewell analyst to work with your in-house team depending on your individual goals. Beyond weekly and monthly stand ups, our SOC team is always available to your organisation, as and when they're needed.  

Bridewell’s 24/7 SOC is technology-agnostic, and our analysts are trained to follow best practice regardless of the tooling being used. Their processes and procedures aren’t determined purely by the recommendations provided by your organisation’s chosen security tools but in conjunction with their years of experience and expertise. 

Hybrid SOC 

Security analysts from the Bridewell SOC will work on-site with your in-house team full-time. 

Fully Outsourced SOC 

Bridewell’s SOC will take complete ownership and responsibility of your organisation’s security operations. 

Digital Abstract

Why Bridewell?

As one of the UK's largest independent cyber security service providers, we're trusted by some of the most highly regulated organisations to protect their data, reputation and business. With our industry-leading certifications and our customer-centric approach, we're optimally positioned to provide end-to-end cyber security services tailored to your business' individual needs.

Security Specialists


Security Certifications

  • Award-Winning
  • Agile and Responsive Delivery
  • Strategic Insight and Technical Expertise
  • An Extension of Your Team
  • Flexible Commercial Models
  • Trusted by Microsoft
  • 24x7 MDR & Security Operations Centre
  • Dedicated to Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security for the Wider Good
  • Committed to Sustainability
  • Developing Cyber Skills for the Future


Here are some commonly asked questions about security operation centres. If you’d like to learn more speak to one of our team. 



A managed SOC s a type of security outsourcing that involves the transfer of responsibility for some or all of an organization's security functions to a third-party service provider. The service provider is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the security functions, as well as for meeting the organisation's security objectives. Managed SOC providers typically offer a range of services, from monitoring and managing security devices to providing incident response and forensics services. 


Managed Security Insights

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