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Compliance in the Cloud:Transforming Your Security Posture

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Date: 27th September 2023

Time: 8am - 10am

Location: Langan's Mayfair 

Event Details

Achieving and maintaining cloud compliance means following a growing number of compliance standards, regulations and frameworks, while also managing increasing complexity within cloud deployments. This demands a high-level of cloud security expertise and familiarity with relevant cloud compliance standards, especially if your organisation is operating within highly regulated or critical industries. 

To help you take the next steps on your cloud compliance journey, Bridewell is hosting a breakfast briefing to discuss common cloud compliance challenges, the cloud frameworks that you need be aware of, and best practice for achieving cloud compliance.  

During the briefing, representatives from our cloud security and compliance teams, Jack Willis and Cat Raybould will discuss the steps your organisation should take towards cloud compliance and answer questions on the subject. 

Event Highlights

  • Learn about the most common cloud compliance challenges and how to overcome them 

  • Discover how to map different frameworks and their applicability in the cloud  

  • Understand how to identify deficiencies against frameworks and stay on top of regulation and framework changes   

  • Gain insight into best practice for ensuring data is stored in compliant locations and with appropriate protections  

  • Tips on how to implement ongoing monitoring and remediation to ensure continued compliance 

  • Identify how roles and responsibilities are distributed between cloud providers and cloud consumers  

Who is This Event Suitable For? 

Organisations that are migrating to the cloud or running a hybrid cloud, compliance specialists, leaders in the information security space 



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Our Speakers

Jack Willis

Jack Willis

Principal Cyber Security Consultant

Catherine Raybould

Catherine Raybould

Senior Lead Security Consultant