Human Operated Ransomware (HoR)

Human Operated Ransomware is a growing threat and a huge risk to organisations. With alarming trends and ever-evolving attack methods, it is vital to those in cyber defence roles to be fully aware of the scale of such attacks.

In his whitepaper, Gavin looks in detail at the ransomware threat as we head into 2022, covering:

  • The types of ransomware attack currently prevalent
  • The major ransomware players
  • An in-depth look at human operated ransomware and its complexity
  • How to protect against an attack
  • How to detect, respond to, and recover from an attack

Whilst you can instill good cyber hygiene in your business and implement the necessary steps to harden your environment, it still only takes one off day, or a single broken link in the chain (Microsoft Patch Tuesday will usually do it!) for a motivated attacker to get in… The good thing is the bad guys must interact with the environment before they can execute the necessary actions to achieve their objectives. This means, that we have multiple opportunities within the kill chain to detect the adversary activity and subsequently evict them from the environment.


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Gavin Knapp

Cyber Defence Technical Lead